Maintenance Program

National Heavy Haulage has demonstrated experience in the transportation of equipment of any size. If you need a company you can rely upon to get the job done right first time, every time, we are the ones you can trust to deliver.

NHH has an extensive maintenance program which covers;

  • Maintenance Policy
  • Responsibilities
  • Daily Pre-Start Inspections
  • Roadworthiness Compliance Inspections
  • Records Management
  • Training and Education
  • Wear Limits
  • Internal Review
  • Service Schedules
  • Fault Recording, Reporting and Repair
  • Control of Non-Conformance

Servicing & repairs

Kenworth and Drake trailers complete 90% of our servicing and repairs.

Innovative safety

The Assignar app has been customised for NHH, making it one of the best safety implementations in the industry.

It allows drivers to instantly review any NHH policy or procedure to ensure they are completely informed and well-equipped to be completely safe and compliant.

Additionally, form submissions record a geographical time-stamp to authenticate the submission of forms and documents.

The Driver checklist is part of the Assignar app and includes;

  • NHH driver must complete a structured safety form on the app before approved to depart.

  • Includes submitting timesheets, truck pre starts, and load checklists (including documenting load, uploading supporting imagery, and more)

  • The driver and client are required to sign and agree.

  • The form is sent in real-time for NHH Transport Manager approval

  • Once approval is received the driver is approved to commence transportation.