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18 June 2018

How to Tie a Truckie’s Hitch


The famous Trucker’s Hitch uses loops and turns in the rope to form a knot and pulley system, which is perfect for securing loads on trailers. You increase the tension by working the end of the line and cinching off. We found some great images from Cruising World to help you along the way, so if you don’t already know how to tie a Truckie’s Hitch, here’s how.

Step 1: Form a bight in the line

Step 2: Pass it under the standing line. This creates a loop opposite the bight.

Step 3: Cross the working line down over this resulting loop.

Step 4: Bring the bight back over the standing line with no twisting.

Step 5: Again with no twisting, bring the bight through the loop.

Step 6: Pull both ends of the line tight.

Step 7: Wrap the running part of the line around the object you want to tie and back through the loop you created. Cinch tight and finish with a slippery hitch.

Do you tie a Truckie’s Hitch differently?

There are plenty of variations out there, so why not share your favourite method with us on Facebook or Twitter

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