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NAVMAN My Truck – GPS Navigation for Truck Drivers

Route planning for heavy haulage truck drivers can be incredibly complex when you are criss-crossing Australia carrying oversized and heavy equipment. The NAVMAN My Truck has been on the market for a while and claims to be the trucker’s GPS navigation with guidance tailored for larger vehicles. So let’s take a look at some of the features.

Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

Top 5 Fathers Day Gifts for Truck Drivers

With the countdown on to Father’s Day, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect and most practical gift for the man of the house. Driving trucks for a living can be a challenging and lonely job, so if you’re looking for something that will help make Dad’s life comfortable and entertaining we’ve put together our top 5 Father’s Day gifts for truck drivers.

Mental Health Support for Truckies, FIFO and DIDO Workers


A career as a heavy haulage truck driver, FIFO worker or DIDO worker isn’t for the faint hearted. With long hours spent alone behind the wheel, you have to love big rigs and being out on the open road.

How to Tie a Truckie's Hitch

NHH_How to tie a truckers hitch

Truck drivers are versatile and hard-working, there’s no doubt about it. You have to be. The Australian Outback is a beautiful and expansive land but it can also turn deadly fast. Besides your top 10 essential toolbox tool for truck drivers, there are also key skills all truckers should have. One important skill is knowing how to tie a Trucker’s Hitch; the most useful and awesome knot for truckers.

Is Telematics Technology the future for Australian trucks?

From navigation and route planning to dispatch and driver performance, the heavy transport and road freight industries are seeing the increased take up of telematics technology to improve productivity, regulatory compliance and road safety.

3 Ways to Prevent Truck Power Line Strikes

Truck drivers are being warned to look up as the number of power line strikes continues to rise across Queensland. With electricity providers like Ergon Energy reporting as many as 66 incidents per year where trucks have struck or brought down power lines across QLD alone, heavy haulage and road freight operators are being urged to take extra care when route planning and for drivers to be more vigilant with oversize transport.

Future Trucks: Mercedes Benz Autonomous Truck

It might be hard to imagine, but in the not too distant future autonomous trucks may become a vital part of Australia’s heavy haulage transport sector.

How Can Truck Drivers Predict the Weather Without a Forecast: Part 2

“I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping planes, of rugged mountain ranges, of droughts and flooding rain,” but while this love of the country may run deep for the truckies responsible for heavy haulage Australia relies on, the droughts and flooding rains part can cause havoc with your heavy transport schedule.

National Heavy Haulage reviews the new Cat CT630S

While you may know us as devout Kenworth-worshipers with our proven fleet of heavy haulage trucks, we recognise there are plenty of other great brands on the market. For this post, we’re putting aside our love of Kenworth (temporarily) to bring you a review of Cat’s CT630S.

Everything You Should Know About Truck Tyres

If you work in the heavy haulage industry, you'll know how important the tyres on your trucks are for making sure the job gets done. After all, you wouldn't get anywhere without those wheels! But do you know all the ins and outs of your tyres, and the different functions of all their components?