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Tips for Truckies to Stay Legal on Mobile Phones

Heavy haulage in transit

 The use of mobile phones while driving in Australia is governed by sets of rules that vary from state to state.

National Heavy Haulage are dedicated to upholding only the highest standards in oversize transport and we take safety seriously. Thanks to some help from Sprout we've compiled current rules and separated them by each state to make your life easier and Australia’s roads safer.*

New National Heavy Haulage Yard in Queensland

New National Heavy Haulage Yard in Yatala QLD

Great news! National Heavy Haulage has officially moved into our new yard in Yatala, QLD. With easy access and ample storage space, this new yard will help us deliver better and more reliable heavy freight transport services to the mining and construction industries across Australia.

Top 5 Causes of Dangerous Truck Tyres: Part 3

In our first and second parts to this series on truck tyre safety we focused on impact damage and tread, now in this third installment we take a closer look at the bead and some of the dangerous truck tyre damage that can occur for heavy transport drivers. Thanks to Continental Truck Tyres for pointing out some common issues and images to show how these affect the average truck tyre.

Top 5 Causes of Dangerous Truck Tyres: Part 2

Top Causes of Dangerous Truck Tyres

In part 1 of our series on truck tyre safety for the haulage industry, we looked at some common types of impact damage, including: breaks, cuts, stressed tread, flat spots and carcass rupture. In the second part of this series, we take a special focus on tyre tread in our regular blog articles for heavy haulage companies. Thanks to Continental Truck Tyres for pointing out some key issues and example imagery.

Top 5 Causes of Dangerous Truck Tyres: Part 1

Truck driver safety is a top priority of everyone in the heavy transport industry. Dangerous truck tyres don't just slow down a job; they put truckies at risk, a risk that can easily be avoided. In this series on truck tyre safety, we're going to look at some of the common problems, causes and how we can minimise these risks to keep truck drivers and heavy haulage contractors safe on the road. Thanks to Continental Truck Tyres for highlighting some key issues and images for some of the more common issues faced by truck drivers.

Australian university makes progress towards hydrogen fuel future

Alternative Truck Fuels Hydrogen

At National Heavy Haulage, we like to keep you updated on how advances in technology are changing the face of the heavy transport industry, particularly how renewable fuels are making trucking more efficient and cleaner for the environment. This time round, we’re sharing news that research conducted at the Australian National University (ANU) is opening up new possibilities for manufacturing hydrogen as a cheap and clean source of fuel.

The History of Kenworth: Buses, Trucks and ‘Brucks’

History of Kenworth Trucks and Buses

Kenworth might be famous for making the best semi-trailers and heavy haulage rigs in the world. But do you know much about what else they've brought to the mighty art of trucking? Have you ever heard of Kenworth Brucks, for example? As you can probably guess from the name, they were an ingenious combo of truck and, you guessed it, bus!

Get to Know the Average Modern Day Truckie

Who really is the modern day truck driver?

To start with, they see more of our roads in a single day than most of us would in a month. But, there are things that truckies, particularly mass freight drivers, have in common that you may not have known.

NAVMAN My Truck – GPS Navigation for Truck Drivers

Route planning for heavy haulage truck drivers can be incredibly complex when you are criss-crossing Australia carrying oversized and heavy equipment. The NAVMAN My Truck has been on the market for a while and claims to be the trucker’s GPS navigation with guidance tailored for larger vehicles. So let’s take a look at some of the features.

Top 5 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Truck Drivers

Top 5 Fathers Day Gifts for Truck Drivers

With the countdown on to Father’s Day, you’re probably on the hunt for the perfect and most practical gift for the man of the house. Driving trucks for a living can be a challenging and lonely job, so if you’re looking for something that will help make Dad’s life comfortable and entertaining we’ve put together our top 5 Father’s Day gifts for truck drivers.